Solidarity actions with the four arrested comrades

Turin – 9 dec. Demonstration during the evening, streets blocked by barricades, graffiti and some bank´s windows smashed in the districts of Barriera di Milano and Porta Palazzo

Internet – 9 dec. Anonymous attacks the websites of Ltf and Regione Piemonte. anonymous2anonimous
















Val Susa – 10 dec. In the morning solidarity banners on some balconies of the houses of the valley.

Turin – 9 dec. In the evening a group of comrades gathering loud and strong around the prison, with fireworks near the female block and then near the block of Mattia, Nico and Claudio.

Milan – 12 dec. Students rally remembering the ´69 massacre of Piazza Fontana Bombing, Notav flags and songs. at the end clashes with police.tafferugli-milano








Trento – 13 dec. the Frecciargento train (hi-velocity train) was blocked for half hour, speaking to the customers and flyering. Banners on the railroad “the notav struggle cannot be arrested, freedom for the comrades”.

Turin – 14 dec. Gathering in front of the prison where the arrested are. Massive controls and searching by the cops on persons and cars. 300 cops and 25 coptrucks avoid to reach the fences, the rally moves towards the nearest district, fireworks and loud words to the people living near the prison.

Rome 14 dec. Gathering in Tiburtino place become a rally thru the San Lorenzo district, the headquarter of the Democratic Party was damaged with paint. Forconi: No Tav lanciano vernice contro sezione Pd a Roma roma-no-tav












Forconi: No Tav lanciano vernice contro sezione Pd a Roma










Bussoleno (Val di Susa) – 15 dec. Torchlight rally thru the village.

Milan – 15 dec. Solidarity banners hanged out on bridges and buildings.striscione-gola













Brescia – 16 dec. Comrades disturb the public debate of senator Esposito of the Democratic Party.NoTav-Brescia








Padova – 17 dec. Democratic Party headquarters ruined with paint and graffiti.sede-pd







Sangano (Val di Susa) – 17 dec. One hour of loud noise to disturb the sleeping Military Hunters hosted in Hotel San Giorgio.hotel

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